I imagine that my prospect

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 As I sit here typing, for example, Im getting new e-mail alerts, my assistant is instant messaging me, my kids and dog want to play, Im thirsty, the phone is ringing. Theres an old saying, If you chase two rabbits, both will escape. . . I think of this focus as a flashlight. . Its a very powerful area. When weve got all these things going on inside, where is the focus on our prospect? Our goal as persuaders is to persuade and to do that, we must concentrate on determining the criteria and core values of our prospects and clients. Take, for example, your inner thoughts while youre with a prospect or client. Maybe youre concerned about having bad breath or a piece of spinach stuck between your teeth from lunch. For example, if we aim our flashlight at a wall out in front of us, we might think were seeing quite a bit. what do you do? Well, if you have a flashlight like mine, you have the ability to make the beam wider or narrower. Next time youre interacting with someone, really interact, concentrate, focus, and remain open to what they are saying and shut out all other distractions.

Maybe you have larger Terminal Board concerns, the kids getting to school on time or what the mechanic might have to say to you when you call this afternoon.Heres an understatement for you: we live in a world of distractions. We are now open to them writing themselves onto that board and becoming a part of it. When we scatter our energy, we are not giving enough attention to the tasks at hand. Issues both small and large battle for our attention. Additionally, I am a white board which has been wiped clean. If we can focus on identity as persuaders, this would be a key area for which we can develop parts, a key area that we can frame and reframe. Just writing one paragraph can be exhausting when there are so many things dividing ones attention. In every facet of life we are bombarded. you get the point. But say theres something on a shelf that you really want to see. I imagine that my prospect is a white board which I have wiped clean. . Alexander Graham Bell once said, Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. And when its wider, it shows me more space, but less distance. The whole point to persuasion is being able to, with agility and flexibility, shine the our lights in a variety of ways so that we can best understand and provide what our affluent prospects and customers require. The suns rays do not burn until brought to a focus. When it gets narrower, it penetrates further. By beginning to focus laser-like on one aspect, we can see more clearly what we want to see (in this case, what we want to know is what our clients want).

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